About Working at OIS

The uniqueness of our Two School model sets us apart from every other school in Japan and indeed the world.

The faculty and staff who jointly founded OIS and SIS understood this and established an ethos to match it. This continues today with professional educators, administrators and staff who understand why we are here and what it is that give our schools a particularly important role in the world of international education. Our teachers and staff look for challenges and rise to them, they revel in new opportunities, they learn from each other, and they continue to hone their crafts. Students give a school its energy, parents and the community its support; but it is the professionals working here who build momentum and provide inspiration. And with inspired students, the possibilities are boundless.

Both OIS and SIS are interested in hearing from professionals working in education who think that they might fit our profile.

The OIS Difference

OIS is unique - the Two Schools Together ethos means not only is it a great school to work in and is challenging in all the ways that a good international school is, but it also needs professionals willing to engage with the local community and Japanese culture. We welcome inquiries from talented teachers who care about our students. Our teachers are not overburdened with too many classes. The expectation is that faculty will hold high standards for our students and commit to their well being by participating in our highly popular after school sports and club activities.

Resources for New Faculty

Please click here to download our booklet on life in Japan, designed for new faculty.

Please also review our Faculty Code of Conduct, and our Child Protection Policy.


Life in Japan

Japan differs from many international school settings in that it is a developed country. Clean air, biking and jogging paths, very low levels of crime, and a distinct and refined culture are some of the many benefits to living in this wonderful country. Single women will not be whistled at, foodies can find a different restaurant every day, one feels intimately the four seasons, kids can play in the parks by themselves and parents can be at ease knowing that everyone is looking out for their care. Japan can be challenging with its lack of fluent English speakers, taxes and somewhat rigid bureaucracy, but those with patience and an open mind, can be profoundly influenced by your time here. Our faculty’s average length of service is 7 years, and that speaks volumes to the quality of life in our community and school. Please read through the information on the website paying careful attention not only to the detailed aspects of OIS, but also to the Two Schools section which provides key information as to what makes us special. Additional information for new faculty about preparing for and adjusting to life in Japan can also be found in the booklet above.