Admissions overview

OIS has an enrollment of students from over twenty-five countries around the world. We accept applications for admission at any time, and each application is dealt with on an individual basis through a careful process combining submission of relevant documentation, interviews and assessment of abilities and needs. Information regarding this process is detailed in these pages, along with links to forms and required documentation. If you would like to know more, and find out if OIS can provide the best educational environment for your family’s needs please do not hesitate to contact our admissions office (see bottom of the page).

OIS exists primarily to serve the needs of international expatriate families who reside in the Kansai and have a clear need for an English based education. Every child is different. OIS strives to work with students with learning exceptionalities. We will evaluate needs on a case-by-case basis to ensure we can meet their needs. Admissions will be decided based on space available, language balance of the grade level in question, past student achievement and motivation, and language support at home. OIS seeks motivated students who will be able to succeed in a challenging and well rounded program.

The Academic Year & Entry Dates

The OIS academic year runs from late August to late June. The year is split into three trimesters, Fall, Winter and Spring, of approximately 60 days each. Our main intake of new students comes at the beginning of the academic year, however we accept admissions throughout the year in order to meet the needs of the international community in Kansai and the rest of Japan.

Students transferring to OIS from a different academic year calendar may be required to complete the current grade rather than miss a large portion of learning. For example, a student from Australia, completing grade 3 in December, transfers to OIS in the following February. Instead of being placed in grade 4 from February to June and then move on to grade 5 in August, the student will be placed in grade 3 in February and begin grade 4 in August. While OIS evaluates each applicant individually, the default position is a lower grade placement.




Order of Admissions

Priorities in admission are given to the following in order of preference:

  • The children of expatriates from English speaking countries
  • The children of expatriates from other countries
  • Japanese returnees (a returnee is defined as someone who has completed at least two years of international style education in English immersion)
  • The children of Japanese parents who can demonstrate a compelling need for an international style education in English immersion

International Families

Often families relocating to Japan from abroad need to know what school their children will be attending in order to find housing. We will do our best to evaluate applications electronically, which may include a Skype interview, reference checks and submission of all documents. This will allow us to give an admissions decision for those families arriving late in the summer.

Relocation Services

We understand that moving to Japan can be complicated and sometimes stressful for families. Therefore we offer some basic relocation services to assist families in finding suitable housing. Director of operations Steve Lewis has over 20 years of experience in Japan and can assist in finding the perfect home or apartment for you. We also have a helpful PTA (Parent Teacher Association), and can call upon the extensive resources of the KG foundation to assist newcomers to Japan.


Next Steps

Please go to the Enquiries and Enrolment Procedures page for the next steps in contacting the school about admissions.