The overarching mission of OIS and our sister school SIS drives our approach to teaching, our extra-curricular activities, and our pastoral care programmes. Our goal is to develop

“informed, caring, and creative individuals who contribute to a global community.” 

This is more than just a distant ideal; by maintaining high academic standards, a strong community service programme, shared programmes, and joint school events between the two schools, OIS and SIS consistently provides students with opportunities and encouragement to achieve these outcomes.

Our curriculum

Our learner profile and learning outcomes

The International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile guides our teaching and student learning at OIS. The profile includes ten personal qualities and responsibilities, beyond simple academic success, that we aim to instill in our students. In addition to the IB profile OIS also emphasises the attribute of creativity, which is visible in the art, music, and many other forms of student output across the school.
These will prepare students for their future in a global community, and will develop lifelong learners who are ethical, competent, culturally aware and self-reliant. We expect our graduates to possess sufficient skills to enrich their lives and the lives of others.