Shared Programmes

At the heart of the SOIS vision of “Two Schools Together” is our Shared Programs.

SIS English speakers and OIS Japanese speakers can join first-language classes offered by their sister-school and, similarly, those requiring extra support with either language can benefit from the second-language courses available across the two curricula.

Our Shared Programs, as well as being challenging academic courses therefore offer a diverse environment in which to experience different approaches and build new friendships. They enhance the learning experience of our students promoting both educational and personal development.

The coming together of OIS and SIS students for art, music, PE and some language classes has numerous benefits for both schools and fosters learning that goes far beyond that of subject content alone. For today’s students, the importance of developing empathy for and openness to other ways of thinking is paramount. Our Shared Programs naturally promote this as they bring different cultures and perspectives together into one classroom. Through collaboration, SOIS students experience first-hand how diversity inspires open-mindedness, how open-mindedness leads to new ways of thinking and how this, in turn, leads to growth and innovation. With English as the language of instruction, native and beginner-level speakers learn side-by-side, honing their language skills, expanding their subject knowledge and developing their capacity for open-mindedness and flexibility. The Shared Programs also enable us to accommodate the wide range of language needs a diverse student body brings with it.