College Guidance

Advising, guiding, supporting students to achieve their academic potential

The decision about what to do after graduating high school is one of the most critical decisions students and families take. The process may be arduous and tedious, but with a guiding hand it can be made considerably smoother. We take pride and celebrate the fact that our graduates are going to highly selective universities that have a strong reputation worldwide. At the same time, we work to ensure that each one of our students are going to the university that is the best fit for them. We know that they will be there to develop themselves as learners and will be enabled to eventually become successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.

Melissa Lamug

OIS College Advisor

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Graduate Destinations (2015-2020)

Our Graduates

An international education at OIS is about much more than pure academic achievement, however the vast majority of our graduates do choose to pursue further studies at university. Graduates from OIS go on to study at top universities in Japan, the US, Canada, the UK, and other destinations across the world. Over the past five years, our graduates have taken up places at leading universities, business school, design colleges and music colleges around the world, including Cambridge University, Yale University, Cornell University, Penn State University, the University of California, Imperial College and University College London, and many more.

The College Counselling Process at OIS

College Counselling by Grade Level